Build a characteristic pharmaceutical industry chain


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Jincheng medicine always will "continue to increase investment in science and technology, strengthen independent innovation, building science and technology competitiveness" as the center of the enterprise development strategy, increase the intensity of technology research and development, gradually realize the "improve the level of industry, expanding industries, optimize the product structure, improve the quality of running" development goals.

Company as a national high and new technology enterprise, national torch plan, in shandong province science and technology research project implementation unit, academician workstation, two provincial enterprise technology center and postdoctoral workstation, three professional laboratory, has acquired and is applying for nearly 40 national invention patents, to determine a batch of reserves as the focus in the future development of varieties of products.

At present, the company in accordance with the development plan formulated the "pharmaceutical industry chain in jincheng" direction "of the" three characteristics, namely by seeking the antibiotics industry merger and acquisition, the terminal building of cephalosporins antibiotics preparation industry chain; Through accelerating the Beijing longyi purchasing and merging project, the characteristic industrial chain of gynecology and regulating immunity preparations is constructed. By accelerating the expansion of biological companies, international cooperation and new drug research and development are carried out to realize industrial upgrading and build a polypeptide characteristic biopharmaceutical industry chain.