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       Shandong jincheng pharmaceutical group co., LTD is a young and energetic enterprise. Since its establishment, the company adhere to the "big health and medicine, make with characteristic of jincheng pharmaceutical industry chain" industry positioning, focusing on "cephalosporin antibiotics terminal industry chain, polypeptide characteristic biological pharmaceutical industry chain, and regulating immune preparation characteristics of department of gynaecology pharmaceutical industry chain" three major direction of research and development, production and sales, make science and technology, management and culture based on the three core competitiveness, adhere to the combination of scale expansion and standard operation, realized the high speed, the healthy growth of the enterprise.
       Over the years, we always adhere to the "unity, dedication, truth-seeking, innovative" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the "booster medicine progress, and enjoy a healthy life" of the enterprise mission, adhere to the "integrity, openness, innovation, competition and win-win" core values, the pursuit of "innovative medical healthy industry leading enterprise" the vision of goals. We firmly believe that: excellent enterprise with excellent enterprise culture and source for gene, with scientific, fair and competitive enterprise management mechanism for bone and main and collateral channels, more with a good team for the soul and rely on! We adhere to the "gathering strength, Shared growth" concept of development, around the goal of enterprise and staff growing together, actively advocate "innovation culture, team culture, competition, performance culture, Shared culture", with the constant development of enterprise at the same time, the more the cultural promotion, perfect mechanism and the growth of the team.
       Since the company went public in 2011, greatly expanded the company's development space, enrich the connotation of the development of the company, to further consolidate the company's industry position, sustainable development has a crucial influence to the future of jincheng pharmaceutical, become a new point of departure for company future development to take off. We will take this opportunity to further integration of resources, gathering strength, Shared growth, positive practice product, technology and management innovation, striving for scientific, standard and harmonious development, for the development of Chinese medicine industry contributes an own strength, for employees, shareholders and society to create greater value!
       Golden city medicine is still on the way. I believe that everyone has a jincheng pharmaceutical ready, let us join hands and with our faith, the pursuit and dedication to open new voyage, skip over the waves, go forward, the common practice of "jincheng" brand industry took off the second dream, efforts to the company into a "science and technology, ecology, standardization, branding and internationalization" of the modern medical health industry innovation leader.